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About Freescope

Freescope is a programmer tool that provides source code browsing on UNIX-like operating systems. It is a clone of the cscope program but has its own unique features such as symbol completion and easy result browsing. Freescope is currently limited to building a symbol database for C source files only but has been designed and implemented with extensibility in mind. This should lead in the next future in new capabilities for parsing new programming languages such as C++, Java, Pascal, etc.

Freescope supports currently the following queries:

  • Search for a symbol occurences
  • Search for a global definition
  • Serch for all functions called by a function
  • Search for calls to a given function
  • Search for text occurences
  • Change text
  • Search for regular expression occurences
  • Search for a file
  • Search for inclusions of the given file

Note that these queries can be extended to most programming languages.

Freescope can be integrated with the vim text editor. Thanks to its CLI.

Currently, Freescope has been successfully compiled and run on the following platforms:

Latest version Of Freescope

The latest version of freescope is release 0.2.1.

Current Development Activities

I am now adding support for maximum customization capacities to freescope by allowing the user to write a .freescoperc file.

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