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Change Log

Version 0.2.0: 15/07/2001

  • Added CLI similar to cscope: INTEGRATION WITH VIM (EMACS?).
  • Added "Functions called by" query.
  • Added "Change text" query
  • If results found, switch automatically to select mode.
  • TAB key for switching back to query mode while in select mode.
  • Improved speed for loading of symbol table on startup.
  • Fixed crash in screen resize handling.
  • Added '-d' CLI option: do not update database at startup.
  • Added '-f' CLI option: load given database at startup.
  • Removed '-s' and '-t' CLI options.
  • Fix problems of database corruption with CTRL-R command.
  • Added -Z option for dumping database file (debugging only).
  • Database is updated when files are removed or added in freescope.files.
  • Fix bug for opening file when EDITOR environment variable is not set.
  • Fixed crash with symbol completion.
  • Updated help window.
  • Updated man page.
  • Fix bug about reading past boundary of input file.
  • Added 'q' command to exit freescope (navigation mode)
Version 0.1.1: 02/04/2001
  • More memory efficient database structure and faster search.
  • Smaller database file.
  • Fixed bug in recursive scanning of system header files.
  • Fixed bug for window resize handling with curses.
  • Various parser improvments.
  • BACKSPACE key problem has been fixed.
  • "Find text" and "Find regex" queries are *much* faster to complete.
  • "Find file" query now accepts regular expressions.
  • Try to open "cscope.files" if "freescope.files" is not found.
  • Fix for crash problem when specifying a directory in freescope.files.
  • Fix for crash when handling interrupt signal (CTRL-C).
  • Added "q" command in select mode which causes freescope to exit.
Version 0.1.0: 12/02/2001
  • Initial release

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