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Freescope v0.2.0 feature list:

  • C code scanning
  • Recursively scan systen header files included in input files
  • Search for text and regular expression
  • Two user modes: "Query" and "Result Browsing"
  • Allow intuitive result browsing with the "arrow" keys or "vi" keys
  • Symbol completion in query mode with CTRL-N and CTRL-P
  • Browse query history with CTRL-B and CTRL-F
  • Update symbol database with CTRL-R
  • Display help panel
What Freescope cannot do... ...yet:

Many nice fatures are not yet implemented. I will focus first on improving the existing source code before adding new features. Except, of course, if somebody volunteers to give a hand! :-)
Here is a short list:
  • Scanning for new programming languages. Most important ones: C++ and Java.
  • Code statistics

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